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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another week goes by...

Very little of note has happened this week. Former firm crush has decided not to reply to my textual inquisition, leading me to believe he has either a) given me a false phone number or b) gone off me. I'm not especially fussed (he's on the portly side) - I tend to find most men repulsive after a little while anyway!

I've also developed a new crush on an SPR colleague working for another team - his wrists are a spectacle to behold, attached to manly and capable hands. His wife is one *very* lucky woman!

Alas, as the sophistication and maturity of my crushes increases, I am disappointed to find this bears a direct proportion to their unavailability.


Maybe one day, I'll have the luck of my mutant exes and get myself a functional relationship; it's interesting to note the only ex I don't wish ill-will upon has himself tried and failed to do this!


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you appear to get bored with your muses with blog posts of "I'm so tired of being alone..." And you mentioned in another post "Nihal probably does speak Sinhala - he met his Sinhala wife in SL and goes over there quite a lot." - Do you think that it's easier for srilankan males living abroad to meet future life partners in Sri Lanka than it is for their sisters like yourself living in the UK ? So you don't get me wrong I am only asking you to consider love matches for the sake of this comment.

At 3:03 AM, Blogger S said...

The loneliness in that entry is platonic, not romantic. I live an hour away from London, with my family. Most of my friends live in town, close to the university.

The friends I'm closest to, live 90mins-2hrs away.

We're all on different rotations now, so unless we meet up outside of placements, we're not going to see each other. Since we've got exams every nine weeks plus outside commitments, it's very hard to find a mutually convenient time. The phone and MSN aren't the same.

As for the romantic solitude, it's something borne out of pickiness and bad luck.

SL guys have an easier time finding SL girls to like them as there's a high ratio of girls to guys. Just look through an SL newspaper - you'll see 3 times as many adverts looking for a bridegroom as you would a bride.

I think guys brought up here are more comfortable with the notion of gender equality, hence it's easier for a girl from SL to find love with them. There are some lovely guys over in SL (who aren't chauvinists) - I've just not met an unattached real-life one yet!


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