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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Getting Older

I'm pleased to say this next entry isn't as rantastic as the last. A visit to the temple (to get birthday blessings for my brother), proved to be a lifesaver in dampening down the envy raging through my previous post.

Part of the envy stemmed from the fact said friend was extremely slim. Her slenderness stems from her vegetarianism (in addition to suspected anorexia). 'tis logical when you realise that eating less and moving more are the best ways to lose weight.

Since moving more isn't much of an option with the old ankles, swimming, cycling and isolated exercises aside, vegetarianism seems a safe (and compassionate) option.

Incidentally, my brother's birthday present was of this compassionate nature: £100 paid to save a Sri Lankan calf from slaughter. My family members who've done this in the past are all meat (not beef) and fish eaters. Wouldn't more animals be saved if we all laid off the flesh for a while? The obituary of Donald Wilson, founder of the vegan society and articles surrounding his beliefs tell of the suffering pigs and chickens endure on the way to our dinner plates. Thirteen billion animals are slaughtered worldwide for food consumption every year. Given the wastefulness of meat production and the logistics of supply and demand, it'd be rewarding to do our bit for the millions of chickens killed with broken bones and no anaesthetic.


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