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Friday, April 21, 2006

Obs and Gobs

The curse of year five has finally befell me; I've started the dreaded obs and gobs and believe me, I've never been more tired!

Two twelve-hour shifts on labour ward yielded three measly caesarian births, sufficient to fill the logbook requirement plus experience in using fetal monitoring and blood presssure machines. Our logbook confirms that we need to witness ten births, seven of which are normal and three of which are caesars. Not a single normal came in during the 24 hours I was present. There must be something in the NW-Thames water ;)

A number of observations were made. The first - that midwives like biscuits (and chocolate) and long tea breaks. They tried to hide their Ferrero Rocher stash from my accomplice and I and had no such luck!

The second is that many of the births are to practising muslims, who are primarily of African origin. This is all hunky dory (unfeasible demands for female-only operating teams aside) until FGM aka female circumcision/genital mutilation comes into the picture.

I feel very uncomfortable when a lady who's experienced this comes into the room. It's bad enough playing 'find the urethra' on our side - but the fact she'll never experience the pleasure/conveniences that who've been fortunate enough NOT to have this inflicted upon them is a very upsetting thing. Waris Dirie has helped to raise the profile of this barbaric practice in a significant way. Outlawing the practice in the UK hasn't helped - families choose to go abroad in order to put future generations through pain. It's a topic I'm going to be looking into given it's prevalence amongst our patient population.

I tried to discuss FGM with an atheist neo-con friend of mine - she brought up the valid point that people should judge a religion by it's practice, not it's scriptures. I'm not 100% convinced on this one - Islam (if you read the Koran) isn't inherently evil; if anything, there are messages of great practicality and compassion present in the scripture, considered apt at the time of writing. Many muslims DO lead peaceful lives, contributing significantly to the wellbeing of others. Whilst Western Feminism and the conservative Islam practised today may *not* see eye-to-eye (e.g. the imposition of the abaya on Iranian women), it's interesting to note Muslim women are liberated in ways we Westerners aren't. Witness the discussion on Bikini waxing here.


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hey is this sajini's blog? hmm..anyway.. good luck with job apps etc.. i know what ur going thru (been there done that) :)


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