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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Preliminary witterings...

My first week off since Xmas and I'm already worrying about the next thing. Stupid really, since Sri Lankan New Year was supposed to be about being thankful for what you have and resolving to be a nicer person in the coming year.

I've already been hit by my first bout of jealousy (a rare thing, mind you - I'm more often on t'other end of humanity's worst emotion!). One of my friends has been very lucky with her rotations. She got given the supernumerary one first (Obs & Gynae) and hasn't had to worry about it since. She's also not had setbacks in other areas of her life so hasn't had the chance to be depressed about them like I have.

One thing I would like to mention is extra-curricular activities. Everyone's so resigned to not doing them after they qualify (cue refrains of you won't get time!) , so what (stimulation and enjoyment aside) is the point of me doing them in the first place?

The MDAP form? I don't think so - you could LIE to high heaven on there and still get a job. Do they really have time to check up on everyone when they can't even be bothered to interview us?

Improving myself as a person? I think not. It's been proven you need a personality imbalance (read 'lack of' or 'disorder') to survive in medical school anyway. There are *really* few normal people around.