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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fish and Chip Boy

Recent revelations about 7/7 have got me reminiscing about exactly what I was upto on the day.

I recall deciding to take the day off. I'm sure you'd agree that didactic pathology teaching really isn't worth waking up for! Indeed, I'd have got sick of it at one point during the day so I'd have most probably gone shopping/exploring.

I may well have ended up on one of the London buses/tube trains attacked.

Thankfully, laziness won out. I stayed at home, popped out to get fish and chips for my bro and found myself making head and tail of the commotion going on just ten short miles away. Come to think of it, there'd be no other reason someone cute would be buying chips in front of me! After all, cute people don't live in Worcester Park - chavs do!

Brief conversation ensued, with said guy letting me know where he lived and what he was upto. He was buying chips for his grandmother that day, getting lunch for the pair of them just after heading home from work. I bid him farewell; we parted.

I wonder what he's upto now? Tori's got a 'Cornflake Girl' - I guess this makes him my 'fish and chip boy'?


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