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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Final year angst...

Some very nice nostalgic writing from Childof25 has put me on the retrospective bent too. The post-revision chillout is gonna be one *hell* of a writing blitz. You are all going to learn about my electronic moisture detector whether you like it or not :D

Just thought I'd say I'm almost where I should be on the revision. I'm 2/3 done on one subject, half-done on the other two.

Still need to consolidate revision with question books - I'm doing a few as I go along but sieve brain prefers to remember quotes on the precise nature of a DILF in preference to the microbiology of Anthrax!

A DILF is funnier than Bacillus anthracis anyway, despite the efforts of NYC's thrash metal boys to tell me otherwise.

A DILF is a 'dad I'd like to f*ck'. Incidentally, I know two of these. My placement partner and I are in agreement over *which* three of the consultants we would do. I'm going to miss her LOADS when she flies to Mauritius next week - it'd be nice to club together and give her a proper send off cos we're not going to see each other for eleven weeks.

I'm pretty blessed with the placement partners I've been given - I've only had one that could be considered a proper c*ck. The girls have ended up good friends of mine, I spent two placements perving on someone and provided pervery to someone else (nice but not my type) during the last one.

I best be off now - the panicking for my final year has ALREADY started. I'm half-tempted to email some consultants and ask if I could spend time with their clinics in order to slick up for my practical exams next year. I really need to improve on orthopaedics, neurology and rheumatology.

Z&K are blessed in that they failed a placement (by not turning up) and get three-weeks intensive tutoring from the legendary guy who ISN'T tutoring next year. Z&K deserve it though, they're nice guys.


Final year sucks & it's not even begun :P

I've got my first 'book' proof-reading/editorial job!

A future publication from the Friday Project, due out in October, want me to look over their health chapter & correct any dangerous/false assumptions.

What better way to start a career in the mainstream media, eh?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Creamy Cat

I'm so pleased to be reporting good news from the sidelines.

I passed my first final - Obs & Gynae, which means I'll never have to visit the f*nny farm again :D

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer's here...

..and I'm hiding from my books :P

Only kidding, I'm actually on track to complete today's revision ;) My friend and I have set ourselves timetables and treats - our treats being top-class vegetarian goodies from Curry Leaves, one of London's nicest SL takeaways.

Yummy food aside, much angsting has been done about the object of affection (not Asian, so more complicated for me) and the things I'll be upto in the summer.

Shall we bite at the hard bit first?

Up until two years ago, being in a mixed relationship didn't bother me as religion was WAY more important to me than culture. As long as the guy treated me well and was into his Buddhist ways, colour/nationality didn't matter.

Most of my Asian friends then started dating Asian guys, who, whilst not of the same nationality, came with similar priorities. Their relationships got more serious, questions were asked and I started thinking about 'long-term' questions too. I can see that common ground between lifestyles has made going 'long-term' easier for them, particularly when looking at marriage/children/parents as there'd be fewer things to compromise on.

So I started feeling the Asian thing. Pretty much everyone (mystery guy aside) I've spent time with (romantically) over the past two years has been Asian.

Whilst it's not worked out (each failure had it's own reasons), I have made some excellent friends through it and realised that it is what I feel more comfortable around.

Working in the Asian Media has also had an effect on me as I was forced to look at society more closely. It's made me aware of the benefits of both SL culture and keeping a 'foot' in SL, something infinitely easier if you're abreast of things over there, incl language and culture. Having a partner who'd be comfortable with keeping this alive and moving there if need be, would make things simpler.

A partner brought up with a similar mindset would be more amenable to this; indeed my cousin married his Italian wife for these reasons amongst others. Whilst she isn't Asian, she does buy into the immigrant ethic, extended families and non-Eurocentric thinking.

All very important things telling me to test things on a case-by-case basis. It's unfair to assume someone's ethnic identity is going to preclude them from having the same priorities. 'tis also rude to assume they're going to react a certain way based on said ethnicity - they may indeed enjoy being part of a culture they weren't born into.

At the same time few like to compromise. Not everyone can deal with the loss of 'white privilege' that comes with dating an Asian girl. Granted, things are easier than they used to be but racism still rears it's ugly head. How many guys would really want to deal with it on a daily basis?

Right. Onto more fun-stuff. My summer.

So far, I have:

8th July - RISE festival, Finsbury Park with Sway, Coxon and the Buzzcocks
- Slimelight with Miss K8 on Electro decks.

18th July - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Earl's Court

20th July - Hanging out at C4 (day), pissing about at the usedtobecool gig at Buffalo Bar. Really funny guys who've been played on Lamacq's session a couple of month's back. They love the Paedofinder General almost as much as I do :P

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Everything burns..

Revision sucks. Obs and Gynae sucks harder.

Not to worry, for it's only two days 'til it's over. I'm still on a high from my one and only appearance on television.

That's right ladies and gentlemen - Lady Luck is going to be on this show, come the next series. It'll air starting this Autumn, when yours truly will be hanging out here, here, here and here. Hopefully the next few weeks will herald some good exam results, letting me book my flights and enjoy the sun.

Let's not get carried away though; we'll cross the post-exam bridge when the bastards are over and done with.

I'm still looking for nice things to do this summer, aside from visiting Anon at Channel 4. Any ideas?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wherever you go.... know I'll be there, with open eyes, and open arms...

You've got to love Brandon and the Boys. Lyrically, they're the most talented lot in the mainstream. Musically, they're simple yet-effective - bringing a turntable into metal the way Korn did back in the 90's was the best invention for the poor devil since downtuning your rhythm guitarist to D flat!

Brandon Boyd is also, quite possibly, the most aesthetically pleasing man ever. 'Make Yourself' is one of the most assured albums released. It's a shame his intellect isn't quite as striking - which is where Lajon and Morgan from Sevendust will be brought in to keep me entertained.

Sexual fantasies aside, I've been thinking about the inspiration for my 'GhostGirl' post. Few things make me insecure. Even fewer people make me insecure. The FitGirl in question is making me feel even worse about myself - ridiculous when I've not spoken to her in four years; merely praising her around me is enough to piss me off. She herself only slightly pisses me off, it's the behaviour of hangers-on/others around her.

Another thing on my mind is the 'London thing' - it's very easy to get sucked into a vortex of self-importance once you're in a competitive field. A visit to Northwick Park showed me exactly how shallow things are 'round here. I'm definitely gonna do my best to stay grounded once I start work; there's less pressure to act a certain way. The expectation to be 'sociable, happy and talkative' starts to wear thin after a while, especially when coming from people one feels anything but around!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Give me a 'p' please Bob

Lady Luck's thoughts on 'Pro-Anorexia' and 'Personality Disorders'; all part and parcel of medical school life :D

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Inter-immigrant hostility

Gruesome is the simplest way to describe it. I'm counting my lucky stars that I'll never have to watch a woman give birth again - the state of their nether-regions afterwards is such a turn off.

Good thing men aren't fussy as I am, eh?

I'm also pleased I'll never have to work with a midwife again - their arrogance is *seriously* misplaced given they've had three years to learn what we do in eight weeks of O&G. As a group, they do a fantastic job - I just don't take too kindly to disrespectful prats who act out of jealousy.

In fact, I quite enjoyed putting down an especially unfriendly Spanish one today. Apparently just 'observing' a birth wasn't worth of her signature - 'you weren't involved, so why should I sign?' - 'actually, there is a box for observed - I know taking observations won't deliver babies'. Watching the comradely smiles from her colleagues' faces made my day - this particular woman displays unremitting rudeness to anyone who isn't white, not taking time to be civil/smile whilst barking orders when she asks for things.

A recent survey of Polish immigrants, published in the Times suggested that 90% of them were hostile towards to minorities of differing skin tones. I've come across similar hostility from other European immigrants myself; annoying midwife aside, there's the Eastern European waitresses at a certain Paddington cafe, who take pleasure in trying to clean tables my friends (differing ethnicities, sometimes white) and I are sitting at BEFORE we've finished our drinks. Nevermind that their restaurant is otherwise empty. They just can't stomach the fact we can afford to treat ourselves there. Similarly, the way black footballers are treated within their countries is disgusting - monkey chants and accusations of 'nigger loving' is pathetic.

Whilst it may be acceptable to be openly racist/homophobic on the Continent, holding those prejudices here isn't an option when you're already one step-back on the playing field. Minorities and immigrants go through the same experiences in a host nation; there's more similarity than difference and believe it or not, that 'black cunt' is going to empathise with you that *extra* bit more. London is nothing without it's tolerance and fair play; without hard work, nobody would prosper. Do yourselves a favour and play by our rules; you ain't going to win the game without them.