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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Everything burns..

Revision sucks. Obs and Gynae sucks harder.

Not to worry, for it's only two days 'til it's over. I'm still on a high from my one and only appearance on television.

That's right ladies and gentlemen - Lady Luck is going to be on this show, come the next series. It'll air starting this Autumn, when yours truly will be hanging out here, here, here and here. Hopefully the next few weeks will herald some good exam results, letting me book my flights and enjoy the sun.

Let's not get carried away though; we'll cross the post-exam bridge when the bastards are over and done with.

I'm still looking for nice things to do this summer, aside from visiting Anon at Channel 4. Any ideas?


At 2:18 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

woo hoo how did u get on unversity challenge? :) let me know when ur on.. me and my flatmate G actually watch that show from time to time.. he's an old IC medic as well.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger S said...

I auditioned against 50 others at medschool and came in the top 3.

There were 2 rounds before we chose the team :D

Transmission date - approximately October.


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