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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Final year angst...

Some very nice nostalgic writing from Childof25 has put me on the retrospective bent too. The post-revision chillout is gonna be one *hell* of a writing blitz. You are all going to learn about my electronic moisture detector whether you like it or not :D

Just thought I'd say I'm almost where I should be on the revision. I'm 2/3 done on one subject, half-done on the other two.

Still need to consolidate revision with question books - I'm doing a few as I go along but sieve brain prefers to remember quotes on the precise nature of a DILF in preference to the microbiology of Anthrax!

A DILF is funnier than Bacillus anthracis anyway, despite the efforts of NYC's thrash metal boys to tell me otherwise.

A DILF is a 'dad I'd like to f*ck'. Incidentally, I know two of these. My placement partner and I are in agreement over *which* three of the consultants we would do. I'm going to miss her LOADS when she flies to Mauritius next week - it'd be nice to club together and give her a proper send off cos we're not going to see each other for eleven weeks.

I'm pretty blessed with the placement partners I've been given - I've only had one that could be considered a proper c*ck. The girls have ended up good friends of mine, I spent two placements perving on someone and provided pervery to someone else (nice but not my type) during the last one.

I best be off now - the panicking for my final year has ALREADY started. I'm half-tempted to email some consultants and ask if I could spend time with their clinics in order to slick up for my practical exams next year. I really need to improve on orthopaedics, neurology and rheumatology.

Z&K are blessed in that they failed a placement (by not turning up) and get three-weeks intensive tutoring from the legendary guy who ISN'T tutoring next year. Z&K deserve it though, they're nice guys.


Final year sucks & it's not even begun :P


At 5:54 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

sounds like the revision is all under control.. good for you !! i was a mess when my finals were looming, mainly cos i was all over Mr Mimic at the time.. major distraction that was :(

yup i know a few DILFs too.. tried and tested that concept during my med school i just appreciate the dishy consultants from a distance *SIGH*

trying to book a city break for the end August bank holiday weekend..choices are Berlin, Copenhagen or Stockholm.. cannot decide :(

At 6:39 AM, Blogger S said...

Boys & girls can be SOO distracting. Hence the conscious decision to minimise such things next year.

Plenty of time for distraction during F1 ;)

Berlin's good for clubbing & historical reasons. However, both it and Copenhagen have neo-Nazi areas. As long as you keep out of these, all will be well.

Stockholm seems welcoming yet dull at the same time. I actually used to live in Eskjo as a toddler - so I'd like to go back sometime.

At 2:49 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

can u believe this crappy weather? we wanted to turn the heating on in the flat yday but it's been centrally turned OFF so no chance:(

Berlin seems cheapest so might just go for that..

just read abt the latest bomb in SL.. things are so bad there it's just too sad/depressing to even read about !!


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