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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Inter-immigrant hostility

Gruesome is the simplest way to describe it. I'm counting my lucky stars that I'll never have to watch a woman give birth again - the state of their nether-regions afterwards is such a turn off.

Good thing men aren't fussy as I am, eh?

I'm also pleased I'll never have to work with a midwife again - their arrogance is *seriously* misplaced given they've had three years to learn what we do in eight weeks of O&G. As a group, they do a fantastic job - I just don't take too kindly to disrespectful prats who act out of jealousy.

In fact, I quite enjoyed putting down an especially unfriendly Spanish one today. Apparently just 'observing' a birth wasn't worth of her signature - 'you weren't involved, so why should I sign?' - 'actually, there is a box for observed - I know taking observations won't deliver babies'. Watching the comradely smiles from her colleagues' faces made my day - this particular woman displays unremitting rudeness to anyone who isn't white, not taking time to be civil/smile whilst barking orders when she asks for things.

A recent survey of Polish immigrants, published in the Times suggested that 90% of them were hostile towards to minorities of differing skin tones. I've come across similar hostility from other European immigrants myself; annoying midwife aside, there's the Eastern European waitresses at a certain Paddington cafe, who take pleasure in trying to clean tables my friends (differing ethnicities, sometimes white) and I are sitting at BEFORE we've finished our drinks. Nevermind that their restaurant is otherwise empty. They just can't stomach the fact we can afford to treat ourselves there. Similarly, the way black footballers are treated within their countries is disgusting - monkey chants and accusations of 'nigger loving' is pathetic.

Whilst it may be acceptable to be openly racist/homophobic on the Continent, holding those prejudices here isn't an option when you're already one step-back on the playing field. Minorities and immigrants go through the same experiences in a host nation; there's more similarity than difference and believe it or not, that 'black cunt' is going to empathise with you that *extra* bit more. London is nothing without it's tolerance and fair play; without hard work, nobody would prosper. Do yourselves a favour and play by our rules; you ain't going to win the game without them.


At 9:20 PM, Blogger Asvajit said...

"Good thing men aren't fussy as I am, eh?"

A good thing indeed...

At 4:11 AM, Blogger Rhythmic Diaspora said...

It's an interesting situation - that the immigrants are displaying racist behaviour towards us, the more established immigrants, or children of!

At 4:16 AM, Blogger S said...

It's ridiculous to be hostile to someone without a) talking to them and b) realising that whilst dark-skinned people might be uneducated and marginalised in European societies; we're not like that here.

At 5:24 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

hi S thanks for your IMs, sorry didn't reply was on the 4n trying to sort my car out, I put windscreen washer fluid in the coolant reservoir this morning and thankfully realized b4 i set off on my 2hr journey back to Dorset. car needs to be towed to the dealership which is only down the road from me to be drained and refilled with proper coolant tmw.. so i won't be able to get to work tomorrow which is a definite bonus but i've screwed up my Sunday well & truly :(

the rant about the midwives was long overdue. well done for getting it off ur chest ! i remember when i went to Prague with some SLan mates, there were 9 of us in total and we got some serious attitude from almost every single waitress we encountered, they were so RUDE. by the end of the trip we just figured it was a 'culture' thing..their loss really cos we didn't leave any tips :)

At 5:50 AM, Blogger S said...

Hey Savi3; sorry to hear about the car = guess you can have a brilliant day off?

I have to make an exception to Hungary when it comes to the Eastern European ranting. My friend and I were treated extremely well when we paid them a visit despite us not speaking Hungarian/being white. Hungary does have a long history of immigration (Jews, Turks, Austrians) so this may well have been the reason for their courtesy.


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