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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hey ;)

Greetings my fair citizens!

Much time has passed since we last spoke. I have much to say, though life in flat without an internet connection has meant my words have been precious & few. Inspiration has also been at an all-time low - my time has been spent socialising, studying and partying, ranked in the aforementioned order.

Things have come and gone since we last spoke. No, I don't mean the identikit strip of soulless bars on the Chelsea Beach - I mean crushes, placements, the joy of minimal weight loss and similar good tidings that make me smile.

A bit like a plate of quality chocolate ice cream, in fact.

In short, I have seen the Kandinsky exhibit at the Tate, wasted time at a Tapas Bar, checked out the goodies on offer at Haandi, Spitfire (complete with WW2 RAF memorabilia), Mokssh and Emperor, seen the mighty Bauhaus in concert & enjoyed the Yann Arthus Bertrand 'Earth From the Air' exhibition on offer at the Royal Brompton. I have also experienced a second helping of Cardiology (excellent fun) & thrown one of the best house parties I've ever had the pleasure of attending ;)

All in all a very enjoyable time, despite the PMS-ing ups and downs and the worst meal ever at Mango Tree!

So how have you been?


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

cardiology is a 'clean' speciality, i rather enjoyed it myself. where u doing it?

Mokshh looks good.. indian tapas? review please :)
looks like ur working thru the toptable list religiously..hehe

the gallery at noblesage looks interesting.. owned by a british lankan guy. must check it out no?

At 7:01 AM, Blogger S said...

It really isn't Indian tapas, there aren't enough sauceless dishes to do this with on their menu.

This reviewer agrees -

What I will say is that get tolerable alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails (not enough alcohol, far too much ice) which are a bit heavy on the homemade sugar syrup.

The food is served in portions too miniscule for a 'meal' - think Soho Spice/Imli with a finger bowl plus 3 pieces of chicken/lamb floating in spicy sauce.

I tried their dal makhani - too heavy on the tomato, too light on the spice. I don't plan on going back soon.

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

hv u been to Mint Leaf?

At 10:38 AM, Blogger S said...

Nope, never.


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