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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Luck's been out and about. Or in and around, come to think of it, cos sinusitis and TMJ pain got the better of me for a week.

I've managed to sort out my elective $hit, which is nice - so I'll be heading off to SL, Singapore, OZ and NZ sometime soon.

Any recommendations on things to do/places to go to in the following cities would be gratefully received. I'm really into live music (rock/metal/hip hop), clubbing, quality food and shopping. Also love my spas, art galleries, sightseeing and scenery.



At 2:21 PM, Anonymous savi3 said...

when r u off? ur not going to be in lanka over xmas and new years are u? i'm hoping to be there that time of year.. quite fancy a new yrs eve on the beach this yr.

go to the sanctuary spa in colombo.. been there a couple of times it's very reasonably priced. sorry couldnt find website.

At 6:25 PM, Blogger shimmi said...

shopping: newtown, k road, high street (depending on how much $ you have for the last one. also recoomend the markets, like aotea (friday, saturday), or victoria (sunday), or otara markets (not so much for shopping, just the experience of it)
food: tanuki yakitori bar (the high end of qeen street) really good food and atmosphere in the basement part (if you like japanese). there's lots of good places to eat in auckland, the seafood is very yummy.
things to see: try driving out of the city to some of the beaches, like piha or murawai if you can, they're really beautiful. there's also some bush walks in the city (went on one in the middle of northshore in the weekend, was really cool - it was like being in a rainforest & was just off a main road).
bars: could go check out fu bar for hip hop, and khuja lounge for funk/soul/hip hop. there's gig guide and lots of posters around telling you what's happening (& there's always lots happening in auckland - i just got back from a holiday there, it's such a cool city)

shopping: newtown, oxford street, chinatown, & markets (bondi is really cool, also one at school on oxford street, and glebe markets).
art gallery: the Museum of Contemporary Art is my favourite (at the circular quay train stop)

sri lanka:
eating: i have really fond memories of the mango tree (indian food, dharmapala mawatha), cafe japan (ward place), tao, sensal (a bakery for really good bread & pineapple loaf - timbirigasaya rd)
bars: r&b, tabu, inn on the green, & tantra (is it still there?) were my favourites.
spa: i've heard really good things about 'the sanctuary'

hope that helps. if you need any specific info about nz, i can help you out.

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous D said...

well the only thing you can see in Canberra is the awful looking government buildings.. The night life is pretty crap there....But they got few good restaurants! Anyway if you are into Australian history or world war type of a person...War memorial is a must!

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Scourge (Skûrj) said...

Not many places to see. lots of check points and cops and stf and airforce and land rovers and VIP's.

Try Buba if you haven't already. Very nice and relaxing..

At 2:21 AM, Blogger S said...

Hey everyone - many thanks for the detailed responses!

Savi3 - I won't be there over Xmas/NYE. Shame, cos I could've spent it with you!

Shimmi - Auckland sounds wicked from what you've got to say, I *love* Japanese food so I'll *definitely* be checking it out.

How long did you spend in AKL and what exactly did you get upto?

Canberra is pretty crap but my uncle is the head rep for SL over there so I gotta visit.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger technobatta said...

u r a girl rite? Then u can drop dead shopping here in singapore. nite life here is great too. lots of places to go partying and clubbing. Got some awesome places by the Clarke Quay n Boat Quay by the river as well as the Gaylang area for superb authentic cuisine.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous savi3 said...

hiya S,i'm really jealous ur going to lanka as the cold weather starts again here :( maybe one day when ur all done with uni we can coordinate a trip to lanka?

Jap food in cmb my fav is Sakura. go to the Gallery for yummy desserts (prob the best in cmb i reckon), food ain't bad either.. it's pricey (for cmb), nice ambience, service is highly variable, owner can be a bit obnoxious and does NOT believe the customer is always right so don't even think abt doing wat u did @ the Mango Tree :)the shop next door to the restaurant is interesting as well..Studio i think it's called.. check it out..

At 5:31 AM, Blogger shimmi said...

i was up there for a week, mainly to catch up with friends and family, so didn't really get up to much other than that, saw some plays, walked around, & shopped..

however, the last time i went up (i think january of 2005 for 1 week), i did a lot more exciting activities, such as:
-we went to a music festival, & saw the beastie boys, chemical brothers, among others play.
-saw a movie in an outdoor theatre on the waterfront.
-smoked apple sheesha while eating a kebab at 1am on k road (which in itself is place at night)
-one day me we decided to go to a beach (piha), got lost & ended up at a strawberry farm, & got to eat fresh strawberry ice cream.

i'm really loving christchurch at the moment too, you should pop by here if you have time.

At 5:59 AM, Blogger S said...

You're in CHC atm?

Cool :D

It'd be nice to day-trip it up there/catch you in Dunedin when I'm over there.

Have you got an MSN I can talk to you with?


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