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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why'd you gimme that? You and me baby go one on one?

Ahh...good old JD. A man a girl can always rely on for a decent tune. There's not one artist Jermaine Dupri has ever crapped up on a track with, Mariah, TLC and Usher being amongst the few to receive his star treatment.

Another star who's been keeping me company during this current bout of ILL is Sean Carter, better known to the mortals amongst ya as Jay-Z. Jay's only had two duff singles in his life - 'Hard Knock Life' and 'Big Pimpin'. I'm in agreement that he's no 2pac though; whilst financially astute, I'd bet my house on him never making a song half as lyrically-chic as 'Hit 'em Up' on his own!

So why the rap chat? parents have just moved house. My company (whilst ill) has consisted of Peep Show DVD re-runs and my sister's iPOD. Since a lot of angry/frustrated thoughts were brewing in my head, I did find myself picking similar songs. A lot of Sevendust, Garbage and Player featured amongst the rappers. I think I've calmed down though, which is a good thing.

Just in case you're curious as to what's been bugging me - the story goes a little something like this. Some of it is a little embarassing, which is why I don't really want to spill. But hey, it's a cultural blog and we all have our moments of frustration with the culture we got brought up in.

(I'll let you in on the other $hit later - it's mainly careers stuff)

I can't stand my mum's view that all SL women should be judged on their weight & ability to live a typical SL upper-middle class life. Believe me, things have changed since she left - girls there do what boys do, oui?

I also can't stand my dad's view that SL women should never be alone outside their home country. Granted, it's nice that he cares, but he's gotta realise that travelling alone in a country I *do* have friends and relatives in is something I need to do to grow up. It's hard to not worry, but I did New York solo with minimal outside input & New Zealand is going to be the same. I don't need no escortation. Baby's Got A Temper and this one's gonna roll.


At 6:52 AM, Blogger samscomps said...

hey I just came across your blog - it's good! keep it up!

At 9:42 AM, Blogger S said...

Glad you like it - I like yours too :D


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