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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Greetings dear readers...

A surprisingly non-goth but equally busy entry from yours truly.

I can't believe I'm going to be on a plane to SL in exactly ONE week's time!

Won't labour the holiday angle much more, promise but it is ohsotempting when it's *so* close and I'm v.v. excited..I started packing today :D

I'm still busy as f*ck with my placement - 730 starts are turning into 730 finishes. I've also found out our job forms need clinical referees, so I've been busy sorting that out too. Fingers crossed Mr T says 'yes' to be my head referee - he's got a non-deservedly high opinion of my clinical capabilities.

Other stuff wot happened since we last spoke:

  • Asha's birthday parties 1&2, both alcoholic & involving lovely new peeps in the year below, some of whom read THIS blog!

  • Dinner and drinks with the junior surgeon posse (fun, though the group is freakishly (92%) taken and partners were there).

  • Lots of perving over one of the mentors (P's body is amazing - he possesses the rare combination of beauty and low self-esteem which H took advantage of before I could've done so)...

  • 'On Beauty' finished taking it to NINE books this year.

  • Erm, all you can eat Chinese with m00ple.

  • Dropping my 'lil sis off in halls (she's the smallest person there & v.v.shy so I'm sh*t scared for her). She's at the halls near Borough Station.

  • Meeting H's lovely mates.

  • The development of a night-time GIN and PeepShow routine.

  • Watching of 'The Boy in the Bubble', 'Without a Trace' and 'The Cult of the Suicide Bomber'.

  • Writing of a University Challenge piece.

  • To do list -
  • Still need to sort out assessment with Mr T.

  • Still need to visit Channel 4 after jobs-talk tomorrow. I may well cancel on Dom on Tuesday since the assessment (clerk an acute surgical patient) takes priority - Channel 4 has been rescheduled once after I *forgot* the tour guide was expecting me :P

  • Wednesday is still blank. Perhaps I should pack the other half of the flat then?

  • J's b'day is on Thursday. I believe it's dinner at Mango Tree. *groans*...

  • Friday = last day of placement & moving out day.

  • Saturday = my cousin's wedding, finish packing.

  • Sunday = plane at 2135 pm :D

  • I'll see you on here next week ;)


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    have a great time and keep us updated :)


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