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Friday, September 22, 2006

It's time to get me off...

God Bless Basement Jaxx - their tunes are infectious things!

I best do my own bit of blessing before we move on to the more pressing matter of that life of mine. A very sweet Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan period to those who celebrate/practice the above festivals! Only another four weeks 'til Eid-comes a banging with presents and feasts, eh?

I'm off to Sri Lanka during this pious time - whilst there won't be many Jewish folks to speak of, there will be plenty of Ramadan-types out there & it's at this point I count myself lucky to have been born into a religion where fasting is for the professionally pious, not the proletariat. Perhaps I should try Ramadan/Passover fasts before expressing my relief at escaping them - collective effort towards a spiritual goal is a fantastic bonding experience, something I've not done in a good few years, come to think of it.

A couple of days previously, I asked my friends what they would do if told they had 24 hours to live. Knowing that the majority were either agnostic/non-practising, I was surprised with the number saying they would visit a place of worship/say their prayers, given the lack of time spent doing/thinking about similar activities during their daily lives. I have to say the prayers would feature in my own series of 24, but I'm pretty confident in saying temple wouldn't. I'd personally like to have a hedonistic last bash as opposed to a reflective one & Buddhist practice is not compatible with say, intoxicant intake or non-committed sexual activity, both of which would feature in my last24.

I've also been mulling about people vs relationships. Having been stuck in a group where 92% of the junior docs were taken, I was inadvertently insulted by a well-meaning colleague who spoke of 'stable relationships indicating stable minds'. Minds are only stable if said relationship is fulfilling - I don't think a relationship with one's own hand is necessarily a bad thing. Buddhism teaches that celibacy and independence from others are of assistance when heading towards enlightenment. Independence can come like all actions, in the form of thought, spoken word and deed, so why rely on another/thoughts of another to get oneself relived?

I feel that women, in particular, are given the onus of 'serving' or 'being pampered' by another as the desired state to be aroused in. I don't really see why evolution made us that way. Ditto the attraction of women to confidence in a man, with 'money, power and intelligence' being the determinants of this. I wonder what men seek in women, beauty aside - it certainly doesn't seem to be the same as for males from where I'm standing! If society judges us on one set of indicators, why don't regular people judge in a similar way?

Hmm. Best stop mulling. Best tell you about my week now ;)

Monday - I visited 'Anon' at Channel 4. He was a fab tour guide, telling me the *exact* sequence of TV programme transmission in perfectly comprehensible technical detail. Whod've thought someone would actually have to watch 12 hours of TV per day to earn a living?

Tuesday - chilled with fab new flatmate then slept.

Wednesday - I headed out to Zulu's post-work. Great move, great company (my mate B). Glad to see Wycombe won - bring on the Premiership, chumps!

Thursday - The Crabtree with workmates (including the department sleaze) followed by Blue Elephant. Amazing food, though not quite VFM. Interior could do with a little more work - the 80's look is *so* over.

Friday - Moved out, sorted out travellers cheques, wrote on here and slept.

I'll see you on the other side ;)


At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Savi3 said...

Zulu's sounds interesting.. proper south african food? went to a cafe in B that had a south african theme.. but unforunately they only served their s african fare at dinner time :(

havent been to the Blue Elephant in years.. was the food ok? went to the one in Dubai more recently which was quite nice but not as big as the one in Fulham.

gotta meet up when u get back from SL..

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Scourge (Skûrj) said...

Those girls with some intellect and able to carry on a decent conversation that doesn't include "I should stop eating cake, am getting fat"...are so damn hard to find...


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