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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Just a quick update on what I've been upto.

1) Seeing lots of clinical stuff.
2) Feeling the resentment from the colleagues - thank f*ck I'm changing wards next week.
3) Experiencing an attempt at the latest LTTE flex - getting themselves admitted into Colombo hospitals cos no one is willing to host them privately. We had two suspects in outpatients attending with a police officer. One translated between the (tamil) doctor & the 'ill' one. The venom from which he spat out our language whilst refusing to even *look* at me was pretty astounding - racists are a tragic yet fascinating bunch.
4) Hanging out at the nicest coffee shop (Coffee Stop) ever with Mr Scourge (a total charmer!) - you guys should come!
5) Reading lots of SL literature - collective review to come, but the 1994 Booker-nominee 'Reef' is an amazing read. Highly recommended.
6) Going on a diet. No less than 30 people (some complete strangers) have taken the trouble to call me 'fat'. Being eaten by mosquitoes is my other bugbear.

7) Planning the aforementioned trip to the Ancient cities. Going to be staying at Amaya Lake, which is lush :)


At 6:24 AM, Anonymous savi said...

resentment from colleagues? pls elaborate.. sounds ominous but vaguely familiar :)

so u met the Scourge :) good good..

u weren't serious abt coffee stop being the nicest coffee shop though were u??

it's a very SLan thing commenting on ppls weight even if they've only just met u.. don't be offended :)

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Dinu said...

Don't mind the fat comments of passers-by in SL. I get the same, until i take off my shirt and show them it's actually muscle. They get shy and apologetic when i do this. At the risk of getting arrested or chuked in jail, i would invite you to try it out for yourself.


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