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Saturday, November 25, 2006

And you thought Lankans only cooked curry....

Just thought I'd mention a fellow student has started up this little beauty here. Whilst offal and rare-cooked meat don't tend to tickle my fancy, the recipes on offer ARE varied & entertainingly-written.

The prize for the funniest food blog goes here.

Back in Blighty

...and depressed to boot - such a shame to come back to rain and gloom, eh?

Will be updating about my travels as/when I get a moment, so watch this space and enjoy the ride.

What've the rest of you been upto?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Melbourne, Singapore and Malacca

So many stories, so much to say. Am enjoying life 'down under' & hope to speak in more detail once I get back.

Am also stressing about job applications - not even Ajahn Chah CD's stop me panicking. I've ranked all the deaneries (health education authorities) with islands last - NO WAY am I gonna get stuck on the Isle of Man with a bunch of cats to talk to!

Shopping in Melbourne is great btw. Shame it's more expensive than England.