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Monday, December 04, 2006

Keep Hunger Locked Up 'til Lunch

Shreddies - who could forget the ad with disarmingly creepy chirpy faces and arms on grids of breakfast cereal? Shreddies (and indeed all whole-grain products) are supposed to keep one's hunger sated 'til the next meal, correct?

I don't think so. I'm ravenous as we speak, after having enjoyed wholewheat Seviyan (Indian sweet noodle pudding) for breakfast. The only thing stopping me from marching into the common room of our surgery & scoffing the six-pack of mince pies generously given by a patient today is vanity. I can't really afford to do physical pride since I checked out my rear-view in a mirror yesterday. There's easily two grand worth of liposuction on there, so I'm doing my best to minimise this cost. Granted, I need to visit the gym a little more often but swimming is the only exercise that takes my fancy.

Hmm. What else. Ooh, lookit, we're at midday now, so I can FINALLY check my email to see if said document has arrived. Surprise surprise, it hasn't.

Shall keep you posted on this sorry saga as/when it happens.



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