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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Medic Insecurity

If you don't like whining, I suggest you look away right now.

As my the good already blogged, the majority of my colleagues seem to spend their days in a seemingly-endless cycle of drudge. Placements are getting 'samey', commuting is making us wearing & the job frustration (where one isn't told the names of colleagues, payment bracket, hours expected and duties given) isn't making us feel any better.

To cut to the chase, six years is a long time to wait for more debt, training post cuts, increased competition and a significantly reduced social life. It's just as well, since I'll be working too much to actually care about former schoolmates ignoring/avoiding social occasions involving me for purely monetary reasons. Granted, living in Kingston doesn't exactly enhance your street cred but it doesn't stop you from living a life you'd like.

I mightn't have the bling/contacts that working for JPDeloitteYoungCoopers & living in West London bring but that doesn't make mean I've got ZILCH to offer.

I reckon these gits should remind themselves that what people like me are training for might actually be helpful to them/their families one day.


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