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Friday, December 08, 2006

Mortifying or what?

Girls and boys, today's instalment comes to you inspired by the letter B. B, my friends, is for boredom.

Boredom is an evil thing. It can make you procreastinate from the task at hand (or in my case, most tasks at hand) or lose the will to live should no task/people be present. Since procreastination is inevitable when GP Audit's are around, I find myself visiting the usual host of online suspects (college email, hotmail, gmail, livejournal and facebook) before settling back down to work.

I do believe facebook is the only 'non-self explanatory' one of these. Facebook is a social networking site, designed by two disgruntled Harvard graduates to help people with common histories keep in touch. In keeping with MySpace, Faceparty and other less 'exclusive' profile sites, facebook allows users to post pictures, news and views to be shared with those they grant access to. People within your current work/study place are automatically given the right to view your profile and it is upto the individual to restrict privacy as they wish.

Alas, the whole of my university appears to have signed up to this. A few people I find aesthetically attractive have joined in on the fun. It's nice to know a little info on them in preparation for the next time I see them.

As luck would have it, I tend to fall for people who don't partake in medicine - variety is indeed the spice of life. Consequently, I see these people once/twice a year, as/when I go to our main campus and tend not to talk to them as they seem to appear at mutually inconvenient times. As a result, I am ignorant of any information about them - our college is huge, senior medics don't know non-medics (our non-medic friends have already left) and friends don't tend to ask other friends whether they know 'x who looks like this and rides a bike like this' without sounding remotely stalkerish.

Facebook is a godsend for checking out these randoms. Today's random trawling revealed a certain object of lust had four mutual 'friends' in common with me. Exactly how good a quality of relationship he shares with them remains to be seen. Since my friendship with them could be reduced to acquaintance in three of the four cases, I felt uncomfortable about sharing the admiration.

So I thought I'd tell him directly myself. I messaged said bloke this morning and mentioned I found him cute. F*ck knows what he'll make of it - perhaps he'll reply, perhaps he'll not. Either way, I hope it brightens up his day and puts a smile on his face. That's community spirit for you :D

La le la le laaa. I'm going to meet Mr Rhythmic today :D


At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just joined this Facebook thing too, after many rants and raves about it from friends.

I'm not addicted.



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