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Monday, December 04, 2006

One Hour Later...

..and my wait appears to lengthen. I have rung said recruitment service who believe their writer has submitted her work & put my application through the final checking stages.

If all is fine and dandy, I should be done by 2pm.

This should leave me free to visit my patient project patient (multiple pathologies, multiple sclerosis) and carry on with afternoon surgery.

My stomach is currently a mess - I've had two drinks of Galaxy hot chocolate (made with water) for lunch. Add the water biscuits, low-fat spread and Vegemite to it and you've got yourself a meal with sufficient vitamins to ward of scurvy for the forseeable future. I actually saw a case of scurvy in Sri Lanka, funnily enough, in the country where the colourful healthy stuff (aka fruit and veg) is freely available minus the employment of a five-fingered discount. I guess it goes to show certain cultures consider pulses (Baked Beans/lentil curry) as vegetables?

EDIT - evil form returned, new answers adapted -> evil form submitted. RESULT!

I have cunningly stolen a teaspoon of Philadelphia (unfortunately not light) to add luxury to my lunch. WIN X 2!


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