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Monday, December 04, 2006

Spring Cleaning

As you may know, I have been away a good couple of months. My father's snoring has driven my mother into my room. Since said room is blessed with a double bed (and my father is flu-ridden as we speak), I feel a tad uncharitable re: the eviction of mother.

So I haven't sent her packing (yet). I have, however, sent her stuff packing as it's starting to take over my room. Not only am I obsessive about tidiness (fear my inner Kim and Aggie!) but I take great care in not allowing the peculiarly Sri Lankan mess to build in my room. The mess tends to appear where a specimen brought up in Sri Lanka resides for over a month. Second Gens don't tend to let said clutter accumulate.

Somehow, the evil mess had made it's evil way into my room and plonked itself on my windowsill). Within minutes of spotting it, I had not only sorted it into it's designated components, but I'd cleaned it and sent it packing on it's evil way out, never to return again.

What is this mess you so speak of?

It's the dust-collecting vermin of vomit-inducing proportions. A collection of random bits and bobs (think coins, loose buttons, paperclips and jewellery), kept in neat piles with the intention of being sorted out later. Said bits appear to glue themselves to one another within the space of a month, with a fine covering of dust and fluff settled for entertainment purposes. The evil pile is often found on dressing tables, bathroom counters and study desks - if not kept in place, it could expand to consume all available space. Disgusting.

So I've wasted the last 20 minutes whining away about f*ck all. Well done me - I've been trying to take my mind off my MTAS form. I've given my Key Skills answers to a pro-writer to have a gander through. They've promised to have it delivered to me by midday. That's twenty-three minutes away, so poor Savi3 is going to have to put up with me for a little while longer. To be frank, I think my answers are sufficiently high-grade (national level achievement x 3) and pertinent to the questions asked, but it always pays to be *that* little more secure in one's work. I wish they would put me out of my misery - especially since I asked to have said answers by Saturday when I sent in my request form one week ago. Grrr. Hmm, only twenty-one minutes to go now. Let me think of something else to bore you with ;)


At 4:01 AM, Anonymous Calavera said...

Hahaha, that ramble about the mess is hilarious. It's amazing how all this crap can accumulate though - all these old pens that no longer work, but you want to keep them for sentimental value, spare buttons that came with new garments (still in their little clear plastic bags) - hey, you never know when a button might fall off that shirt.

Thank Goodness I have to move around a lot and so I'm very selective with my stuff now! Anything that I don't use regularly or that I don't know I have simply CANNOT be useful and belongs IN THE BIN.

Feel sorry for all you guys with these MTAS forms... I hope it all goes well.

... Dr. Monkey?? Pray tell who this Dr. Monkey is?? And lastly:


Sorry, just venting my frustrations at you having been revising INNATE AND ADAPTIVE IMMUNITY ALL MORNING.


At 9:29 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

MTAS? keyskills? we nvr heard of such things in my time.. thankfully :)

i'm sure ur answers must be top notch and i hope u get the jobs of ur choice !! where did u apply btw?

i'm off to motherland on the 9th but keep me updated aight !!


At 12:31 PM, Blogger S said...

Cal, Dr Monkey is Shobhit Arya - I found you through his blog :)

And yeah...KILL IMMUNOLOGY. BSc's carry the same number of points as being computer-literate on an F2 application form anyway. Most pointless year of my life, dossing + CV-addition aside.

Savi3 - MTAS = medical training application service, used to apply for F1/F2 jobs.

Key Skills - recruitment type questions, e.g. 'describe a situation where you acted under pressure'...and six similar management-speak things.

Everyone had to list every deanery in the UK, in preference, from 1-27. I picked NW London, SW London and Oxford as my top 3.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous savi3 said...

hey, sorry i was a bit abrupt on Gtalk earlier.. was in the middle of afternoon surgery !! my ribs/diaphragm are behaving well so far.. no drugs needed :) hope it stays that way.. i dont want a collapsed lung on the plane tmw !!!

just booked my hotels on Expedia..for the Far Eastern leg of my holiday.. i'm quite looking fwd to it altho it's not going to be a white x'mas.. can't have it all i guess.

merry x'mas and happy new yr !!
catch up in '07



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