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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas a la Luck!

Seasons Greetings - may the festive frivolity commence :D

Xmas a Luck's is always an interesting time. There is always the small matter of a visitor from foreign (read Lankan) climes. Since Lady Luck's favourite pastime is hospitality beyond comparison, the Xmas experience (for those who've not celebrated Xmas) is a joy she relishes, even if it requires the taming of a two-legged child-like irritant or two. Gifts are exchanged on Xmas morning, before the remainder of the Luck family enjoys their morning lie-in. This has been the way since yours truly was twelve - a rather tender age to start such ministrations, if I say so myself. Mind you, most twelve year olds are too busy with less wholesome fun & games to bother with Xmas dinner.

The fun chez Luck begins with the 'Xmas Shop', a task completed with the help of several retail outlets. The shop begins at Marks and Spencer's, a Jewish-owned national treasure paradoxically responsible for the best Pork, Sage and Onion stuffing in the business. A promotional Xmas pudding is purchased, along with Cornish/Channel-Island thick cream, laced with alcohol & a fat content above 48%. A suitably-British Xmas wouldn't be complete in lieu of said pudding or their evil-pied pastry cousins, so yours truly has to serve both with heavy heart, true to my abhorrance for all things mincemeat-related. It's a compensatory measure for not serving turkey, which I consider a dry, flavourless and aesthetically-challenged abomination of nature.

I wouldn't say 'boo' to a goose or, indeed, a duck (Gressingham/Pekin). Preparing the latter bundle of joy in a French bigarade/Chinese crispy style is something I'm very fond of. However, concessions need to be made - the unacquainted visitor is inclined to view the unfamiliar with suspicion, so I'm resigned to purchasing a posh Chicken (free range & organic) instead. In accordance with my heritage, I tend to be 'late' with regards to everything, so the Cornish French Hens & Label Rouge saplings are out by the time I get there. Alas, I settle for an M&S homeboy & prepare to do my baddest.

With the Laws of Leviticus broken, the tribulations continue. All basic ingredients are purchased in true-tight Asian style, from Tesco & Somerfield. Think potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots and garlic - both fresh and pureed. I might get a packet of bread-sauce mix, skimmed milk & gravy granules whilst I'm out there, it's not like Sri Lankans to be fussed about non-spiced items anyway ;)

A little hedonism is pushed into the mix - a luxury dessert of the dark chocolate persuasion is purchased for the non-Xmas pudding eaters, courtesy of Waitrose or Sainsburys. This year's representative - Delice du Roi's Chocolate Mousse Torte. Highly recommended. Ditto the services of Waitrose for a fine-flavoured Xmas cheeseboard (green grapes, Membrillo, crackers & an assortment of goodies).

The port-filled cranberry jelly & 80% meat cocktail sausages were purchased from Head Fine Foods, in accordance with Real Meat Company protocols. Yours truly is known to support humane practices where items of consumption are concerned - Northfield Farm & Borough Market are excellent providers of free-range, organically-fed, non-clipped flavoursome foodstuffs.

A final visit is made to the Italian deli for the procurance of strongly-flavoured diced pancetta goodies. The raw ingredients are ready in good time for the magic to begin :D

Xmas dinner chez moi commences sans starter. The fuss of vol-au-vents and prawn cocktail is entirely irrelevant when you've got a garlic-roasted stuffed chicken with pancetta and lime-scented carcass in sitting right front of you! You might want to know I employed the Nigella-method of defrosting my chicken overnight in a bath of spiced onion and ginger water, prior to stuffing with sage & onion sausagemeat & massaging it with garlic butter and seasoning pre-roasting!

The chicken is served with garlic potatoes, fennel-scented sprouts, cumin & coriander roasted carrots & Kitul-treacle glazed pepper parsnips. The experience is rendered sublime with the provision of roast-chicken gravy, made with granules and roast-juices and a bread-sauce with black pepper, roasted cumin, mustard and caraway. The chipolatas are served post an evocative smoking with mustard and cumin, in accordance with Madhur Jaffrey's famous recipe. The aforementioned slightly-sweet cranberry jelly with port is kept onside for that spellbinding Mediterraenean kick!

A veritable feast unfolds before the eyes, before the desserts and cheeseboard make their entrance. Cashel Blue, White Stilton with Apricots, Orkney Cheddar, Lancaster Provender and Tofutti non-dairy cream cheese do indeed a fine cheeseboard make! Dinner is finished with the pulling of Xmas crackers, an SL coffee/two and a selection of chocolates. Platitudes are given, speeches are made and Xmas Day TOTP is watched. The Queen's Speech is over before the true mirth and merriment begins - read 'Living to Eat' for an account of Xmas Past, British Sri Lankan style :D

Incidentally, I got a digital camera & a Sanctuary gift set for Xmas. I guess that makes me a good girl then ;)

How did you do?



At 2:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amongst other things I received the smashing new album by Katie Price and Peter Andre. It's a veritable collection of musical delights performed brilliantly by two talented singers.

At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your entry has watered my mouth, shame that I dont eat meat. Glad to hear you're having a good time. See you in la nouvelle annee.


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