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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Legend of the Power Tutorial

This afternoon's proceedings taught me a little about medicine & a lot about life. Our legend in the making decided to introduce us to the wonders of the power tutorial. After-all, the format is transferable to other fields/problems.

1) Take a presenting problem/symptom, e.g. chest pain.

2) Ask a potted history of 7/8 questions required to differentiate between differential diagnoses.

3) Decide upon your impression & differential.

4) Sort out a management plan, beginning with Resus ABC, iv access, hi-flow oxygen (if needed)...

5) Talk about treatments, contra-indications and side effects.

6) Go 'round the group & ask each member for 3 points they hadn't learnt before.

Simple but effective eh? Three cheers for a fresh take on revision :D


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