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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some fruit a day...

..keeps the doctor away.


The highlight of my two-week absence from this blogging phenomenon can be ascribed to two equally mind-numbing and tiresome things.

The first of these goodies is clinical work. I've been spending time at a recently-rebuilt zone six A&E department, under the tutelage of Uncle M. This experience wasn't entirely unproductive - I got to help out in a few emergencies, for one thing and experience the fun of the 'acute case simulation study day', whereby you're put in a simulated resuscitation station with your mates (or colleagues if you happen to be universally reviled thanks to your own behaviour) and told to manage the case set up around the semi-real (yes, it has it's own heart beat, voice and blood pressure) plastic dummy provided.

I've also been wasting time at another local hospital. Quite what my medical school expects me to achieve when three out of my four seniors are away, I have no idea. It's even more worrying when a pre-revision final year student knows more than the person they're shadowing (very good looking, caring female with an excellent soft skills). I have twenty-two hypoxically-driven, overfamiliar paperbag-esque male pensioners for company. Sometimes they call me nurse (as if females can't be doctors!). Other times they ask me to sit on their beds. Whilst charity for the dying is one thing, I can't help refusing their requests - it's their own fault for making tobacco bongs out of their home oxygen pumps.

The second of the badboys is revision. Bleurgh. I had to drive to Hillingdon to see a couple of patients (diverticulitis & obstructive jaundice) yesterday. Our temporary surgical tutor is a nice (but oh-so-slightly-cocky) guy - I rate his band-aid for coronal balding (comb front hair backwards, push back-of-head hair forwards, fill in the gaps with black shoe polish).

So ward-related japery aside, I've not been upto much else.

  • I wrote a piece on the handshake fiasco, where a female Muslim police officer was exempted from shaking hands with the Met's Chief Officer at her passing out parade

  • I took part in a London Pubcrawl
  • with a few friends.
  • I went to a birthday party and I signed up for a revision course.

  • I started reading <'Rancid Aluminium'.li>

    I've also been trying my hardest to stick to the Department of Health's 'five a day' target.

    Prior to starting, my average was two (a fruit juice and two mandarins). Post-starting, I have employed the services of a knife and a plastic box, thanks to the purchase of fruits which aren't naturally portable (read self-encased). I've managed to uptake my average intake to four a day - Snax/Sunmaid dried fruit box, a cup of smoothie, a portion of salad/cooked vegetable and one/two pieces of non-encased fruit. Admittedly, there are days I cheat, where I wash the sauce off baked beans (and hide them in my pasta sauce) but these are very much dependent on who does the shopping.

    My mother, for instance, purchases fibrous vegetables which are destined for cooking. Attempting to eat raw aubergine/bitter gourd/courgettes/butternut squash is a feat for the dentally-nonchalant (exactly who wants to break their teeth off when appearance is what counts). Her fruit-buying skills extend to pomegranates purchased alongside said vegetables.

    My father OTOH, buys the same things week in/out. Expect to see potatoes, carrots, leeks, spring onions, onions and mandarins in his basket. Bi-weekly, he brings some kiwi-fruit. Once a month, I might see two heads of broccoli or a bunch of grapes. Bi-monthly, it's mango/sharonfruit time :D

    Evidently, there are days when I find myself correcting this shortfall. The £10 a week I used to spend on takeaways/canteen lunch has found it's way into a greengrocer/supermarket's hands - thanks to the purchase of promotional portable fruit, promotional dried fruit and half-price salad vegetables at 5pm. The fruit, in particular, seems to disappear once I get home - the parents have started to challenge me on 5aday without realising! The need to eat healthily seems to cut into my revision time (given the bi/tri-weekly 20 minute trips to establishments of retail). Who said lifestyle changes were easy, eh?


    At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Zone 6?! I beg to differ, it's Zone 4!

    5-a-day is waay too difficult, but I found that I pretty much get 3 a day anyways. That's good enough for me!

    Sharonfruit! It's been AGES since I last had that!

    At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    PS: Nice to see you back!

    At 11:32 AM, Blogger S said...

    Believe me, Kingston is in Zone 6 :P


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