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Monday, February 19, 2007

Fear the Childe!

Hunger and boredom aren't exactly the most comfortable bedfellows life has to offer. After all, one of these quantities may indeed lead the other one towards consequences which might not be in the best interests of the beholder.

The Goldhawk Road isn't a bad place to be when hunger strikes. It's got variety, for one thing and a lack of scary types for another (the scaries prefer to hang around on the other side of Shepherd's Bush Market - near the 207 bus stop on Uxbridge Road. Topics of parlance centre on denying their madness and getting a bigger council house). The proverbial Shreddies, which keep hunger locked up 'til lunch may well be on sale at Tesco's - but hopper porn and the search for crispy curried goodness put me in the path of Damera - a very friendly Ethiopian cafe recommended by a number of colleagues, Miss Ros included.

I have to confess I've not got round to trying Ethiopian cuisine - I've only come across it once before, at a less than salubrious joint on North End Road. Ethiopian women are amongst the best looking on this earth - I've never seen a fat one (in the UK, so proverbial famine jokes are out!), or a super-wrinkly one either. They're almost always smiling too - I put this down to their monopoly over clear skin!

Turns out delicious food for a VERY resonable price (£7) ranks amongst the reasons to smile too - the Ethiopian injera is a little like the centre and sides (but not the edge!) of a wholemeal hopper. It's lemon scented and supposedly low in fat. Their vegetarian and mince curries are very similar to those served by Indians living near Andra Pradesh - keema is an exact replica of a Kenyan Indian recipe my great aunt used to make! Score :D

In other news, I've got a whole host of jobs to rank, a revision-course to help out with, a friend I've not seen in time to catch up with and a load of tutorials with a cute tutor. Life is hard :P


At 6:27 PM, Blogger N said...

Ethiopian's food bloody good (and the politically incorrect side of see's the irony in that)...used to hit up this place in SF that was divine...and u get to eat with ur hands..just like home:)

At 1:41 PM, Blogger ros said...

Right, good, got a Google account so now I can comment.

The Damera's great isn't it? I really prefer injera to hoppers. Well, my parents' hoppers anyway - hoppers ingeneral may be a different matter.

When I lived on the Goldhawk road, I found it was full of scaries - epecially after pub shutting time. But you're right te Uxbride Road was possibly even worse.

At 2:55 AM, Blogger Cal said...

Well, at least you have a cute tutor.

Ooh, and I think I should try Ethiopian food too, then.


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