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Saturday, February 10, 2007

In the last few days....

...I have discovered a delicious Thai takeaway, enjoyed quality tapas-inspired grub (what else could explain the miniscule portions, Mr Rhythmic?) and tasted an heavenly deconstructed triple-creamed banoffee pie. Deeee-licious.

Spurious episodes of gluttony aside, I've been rather occupied with work. Cue acute case assessment and hasty completion thereof. Cue endless ward rounds with junior doctor (consultant in clinic, registrar on ski slope, SHO in bed unwell) and patients with retractable veins (I still miss 60% of venflons on my first go - must do better). I have learnt j*ck about the medical life, aside from the fact there may be a demonstration at Whitehall come the 17th of March (in protest over Mangling Medical Careers). Add to this a few revision tutorials with tutor possessing unbecoming hairstyle and not a lot else, journalism exempted.

My written output (quantity-wise) remains poor. I put that down to revision ('vision' per se being the operative word as 'revision' is for the organised) and procreastination (Facebook has helped me set up my own birthday party - I'm rather curious to see who's said 'yes' to me. I'd almost rather peripheral people said 'not attending' quicker as I'd only invited them out of a twice yearly need to say 'I haven't seen you around and don't resent your company' more than anything else). The party is turning out to be bigger than expected, making me think I might have to seal off a section (and pay a deposit AND do a 'minimum spend' thing).

NB If I have not got round to inviting you, it's because I've forgotten people without a livejournal/facebook. You are indeed invited, although belatedly so.

The written output that does remain (editing/Quarking of MS pages not withstanding) is a review of usedtobecool's new album. It's really rather good if you're into the drum and bass/industrial side of things. I'll be putting it up on drownedinsound once the boiz have OK'd it. I'm hoping the meet-up with PickledPolitics-types today might inspire me a little.

How are you guys doing?


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I was so wrapped up in the conversation that I never asked how your food tasted!

At 5:11 AM, Blogger drac said...

thanks for the usedtobecool link. I like very much.


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