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Monday, February 12, 2007

Reflections of a Finalist

The idiosyncratic routine of lecture courses at Charing Cross Hospital will soon be over. Understandably, I'm slightly gutted by this; the student life can be quite endearing at times ;)

I'm not especially bothered about the lack of teaching material come the summer - it's the cosy social routine and lack of days with casual clothes that I'll be mourning somewhat more!

The last two years have seen me become better friends with a number of girlies (and token boy who has gained 'honorary girl status') in our year. I seem to have rotated placements with the same few, so I get really excited about seeing them (as we're all on our own this year) :D

This 'block' will mark the end of the Reynolds hot chocolates we have at breaktimes, in addition to their toasted sandwiches (I can never get mine to caramelise that well), surly Lithuanian cashier and empty vending machines (empty to me 'cos they eat my money or choose not to possess what I want). Sooner or later our names will join the thousand scribbled on the walls and ceiling - the scribble of a newly-qualified doctor will be marker-penned for posterity. Fingers crossed mine will be up there too. Someday. Somehow.

We'll also be ending the Cafe du Fleur/Whole Hog sandwich routine, in addition to the Puzzle/OSP drinks after work (admittedly, the number and alcohol content of drinks is going down as people get closer to exams). Starbucks gossip sessions are already fewer and far between.

I'd like to think that Hammersmith is going to be a lonely place without us. Somehow, I think not - the year below have already got themselves an equivalent gang or ten, so this rabble is going to live for a long time yet!


At 1:19 AM, Blogger Darwin said...

It is rather nostalgic to be leaving, and the nice part is that previously anti-social people tend to be more chummy towards the end too (sometimes this is not such a good thing).

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Rane said...

Student years are probably the best days!! Unfortunately we can't get the same quality back even if we go back for another degree!! Sigh!


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