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Friday, March 09, 2007

Hidden things..

Hey everyone!

I'm writing to you from hiding, better known as the computer room where all the work-shy doctors hide and pretend to be blitzing evaluations/audits in. I'm hiding from an assessment with my evil sub-supervisor - one of those bug-eyed types who makes you feel bad for not knowing stuff/asking simple questions. I hope to do my assessment with him later, away from t'other student who is 1x BOFF with a special interest in lungs and kidneys. He actually knows more than the junior doctors, come to think of it.

Intellectual inadequacy has very much been the theme of this week. Aside from my fellow student BOFF boy, there's been a slew of boffination passing through this placement. Official records show I'm the least academically-able to do it this year. Cue looks of amazement when I actually answer questions in tutorials and repeated comments of 'think before you speak' once I've given said wrong answer. Medical students are there to learn, not teach and passing five years of medical school is not something to be ashamed of, so :P

I don't especially like the material being taught or the company provided either; it's nice to spend time with those who have other interests beyond the subject-at-hand and career options so G and R (the two without a special interest in intensive care and proper lives outside work as opposed to an existence) will be my saving grace for the next two weeks.

Our current article of amusement is 'dating woman' , our colleague who appears to be on the continual online search for love. It's a shame I can't think of a friend/acquaintance to suit her, she's very nice and quite the pretty one but very conventional with specific interests/hobbies to boot. It's quite scary I don't know anyone conventional enough to date her!

More on my non-working life later....


PS Intensivists are a strange bunch. I haven't worked them out yet.
PPS 'R's name' means King in Persian. I am slightly infatuated with him.


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Mr. Evil said...

Good luck on the assesment later on :D but seriously.. perhaps u should ask him questions he can't answere :D


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