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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Greetings Blogosphere, it's been a while!

I'd like to say my absence hasn't been due to life changing adventurous reasons. The tedium of revision and intensive care has done it's best to keep me away from here, but not for much longer!

Since I left you, I have found out my rotation for the next two years. Understandably, I am aggrieved that I've not landed a post with dermatology input, but life does indeed go on. I've got the small matters of geriatric medicine, colo-rectal surgery, pathology, paediatrics, GP and trauma surgery to keep me busy if finals smile on me. Hopefully they will, as revision is a nightmare when you've got a life to be living and fit people to keep chasing!

Being ill isn't easy either - a horrid bout of tonsillitis is what got me here, as my presence in the living room, where SL are playing the West Indies has led to them losing two early wickets. (I've never actually watched a match where SL won, so I guess that makes me a jinx. Ah well, more me for you lucky, lucky readers :P)

So what else is up with me?

I attended my final year dinner, which sucked. I then went on to Borough Market to sample the Dorset scallops at Shellseekers, venison and wild-boar at Sillfield Farm and the Chabis at Neals Yard. I also tried the nine-year old Jamon at Brindisa, a Spanish speciality stall, before buying the ultimate chocolate brownie (which wasn't a patch on Moby's gooey-vegan baby at Teany).

Fact - fresh stir-fried scallops plus bacon equals foodgasm.
Fact two - the reason vegan brownies = hotness = banana as the egg replacer.

I've also had an excellent dinner out at Imperial China, in the company of HK hosts and the vicinity of Bollywood's power couple, John Abraham and Chowki and Masala Zone!

Foodness aside (there is indeed more food to follow as my allergies have played up and I am again egg and dairy-free, in addition to Ros' latest query as to why some cuisine's have taken off and others haven't), there hasn't been much going on.

Lisa Jewell's 'Vince and Joy', 'Wedding Belles', 'The Apprentice' (Jadine is a MONSTER, Tre is rude and Geri is a bitch) and drooling over Allan from Shipwrecked means I've not been up to much culturally. There's the return of 'Peep Show' to look forward to this week, and the ticketing for all the music fests this summer. There's also a plan for a spa-day post-exams and a girlie-week to a semi-exotic destination. Marrakesh, Kenya (where my friend has just started an orphanage) and South Africa are all looking good to me.

Enough about me? What about you?

Tell me about your summers!


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Rhythmic Diaspora said...

S - I think you should get some kind of award for the amount of links in one post!

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Dupa Jasia said...

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