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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shrove Tuesday Final Year Dinner

STFYD is an ICSM institution. Since 1939, Consultants and students have made a point of fraternising towards the end of the spring term, to celebrate the end of the era before finals revision kicks in.

This year's event was held at the Bridge, in SE1. While the year below endeavoured to put on a spectacular night (indeed, the aesthetics were perfect), the failings of the venue worked against them. Things started going downhill when the sound system failed for two-thirds of the tables present, meaning we had to crush forwards to hear Miss Higham, Sam's band and the three musketeers.

The staff (surly and clueless) continually failed to serve guests who weren't seated, meaning a lot of people had to chase after their food whilst the speeches continued. Temperature really doesn't matter when socialising is the number one priority. People are like boomerangs and will eventually return to their tables - it's the law of black-tie does to stave off your hangover before you go back for more!

Thirdly, the food, drink and facilities weren't much cop - spinach and mozzerella tart made with a pastry base of granulated sugar crystals and dry couscous served with rubbery roasted veg. Indeed, there was proof in the pudding that a tasting hadn't taken place before the order was placed; this might have been prudent given that nightclub chefs are more accustomed to providing burgers and chips over gourmet-fare.

Issues aside (clashes over the elective postcard collage), a lovely night was had; the highlights being the meeting of friends, dirty/Dad dancing from the Consultants and the generous gift from Miss PrizeWinner who chose to put part of her winnings behind the bar for the rest of us.

Roll on the Graduation Ball!


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