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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sri Lankan Purdah

I've been in hiding WAY too long. So long that I refuse to let the rules of Sri Lankan social purdah (where a family member's inability to fit convention results in them being hidden from acquaintances and relatives) govern me for much longer.

I figure you'd all respect me a lot more if I came out with the truth anyway.

The good news is that I passed four out of my five exams and had a wonderful holiday in the US.

The bad news is that I have to resit one of my practical exams & hence won't be working as a doctor 'til that obstacle is dealt with.

Alas, every cloud has a silver lining. Failing my exam means I get a London job as the medical school's post-graduate department are obliged to keep an eye on me. The much-derided move to Preston is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. YAY :D

Watch this space for more posting on DC, Philadelphia and the Polyphonic Spree gig.




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