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Friday, August 24, 2007


For a woman with limited socialising time I've certainly made the most of what's left.

I've been to a BBC PROM, where everybody's (bh)aiyya Nitin Sawhney put on a superlatively disappointing performance. I'd like to know why the maestro chose to play acoustic guitar despite being over-qualified in the skill of instrument-swapping through his competence and persistence.

I'd also like to know why he chose to serve sub-Shy FX dirge to an audience of music lovers; it's wrong to assume a sea of white faces meant the Independant macrobiotic apologist crew were in attendance. Very little experimentation was done, meaning Reena Bhardwaj and Akram Khan were left to provide whatever 'flavour' was required to get things interesting again. Unfortunately, Reena's moments were brief, so I ended up heading off to the pub.

I get sick and tired of paternalism, where people of colour are held to 'lower' expectations, creating a double-standard. What tires me more is the assumption that other brown people are going to be less critical of a product made by yo' brown self as they're supposed to rate you for 'trying' amongst a sea of apathy. Mediocrity just fuels more self-pity and the aforementioned 'low expectations'. Who's going to hold you to task if your own people don't, eh?

Rant over. Or should I say 'onto the next rant'? I think I'll leave Rant2 for a while; you want to hear about where else I've been aside from academic meetings and tutorials, don't you?

I made time to meet a few lovely non-medic friends, which was lovely. We kept running into various medics at Chelsea, so a catch-up drink at one pub stretched out to another!;I think I'll definitely be heading out to the Hook again!

My last weekend consisted of a post-take ward round (attended to be quizzed by wrinkly Prof with hot voice), face and body waxing, a two year old's b'day party (where I met Priya Basil's grandparents and, in a previous year Claire Hafner) and a girlie lunch for K and N's birthdays.

A lovely lunch (at the Prince Regent) turned into tea; SATC cupcakes, which turned into drinks on the Kings' Road.

In between confronting people with suspected eating disorders and watching Saxondale, I found myself treated to lunch at DeMartino. Stunning stuff (pasta al dente, chillis piquant, veal tender and savoury) - 'tis a real shame about the surly staff and rushed service!

I also made time to check out the Proud Galleries (London's biggest lunchtime sunbathing 'terrace') and their Razorlight exhibition, in addition to tabloid fave 'The Hawley Arms' , The Lock Tavern (home of Field Day) and Camden Lock. I have to admit very little star-spotting took place; they were clearly too trollied from the night before to rock up in the afternoon!

I shall be off to check out the Warhol vs Banksy PopGraffitiArt exhibition, in addition to Donkeybox's new album over the next week.

Stay well!

PS Rant2 is about the lack of affable female role models in science. Believe me, it's on it's way ;)


At 6:20 AM, Blogger R said...

Mind you, Medic's aren't really considered as people of science. Believe me there are enough women doctors, dentists, and nurses in SL.

As for rant number one, the streets of London was never kind towards Asians. Better to try somewhere like Australia.

But you seem to be having fun in London, so why bother right.. :-)

At 7:24 AM, Blogger S said...

R - I'm sure you'd agree the medics and dentists have to have a pretty good grounding in science to actually a) get to medical school and b) stay there?

I'm not sure what you make of the women you've met in science/medicine though? Have you noticed any particular personality quirk/qualities coming through?

re: rant one - I'm not sure Australia is the answer; their history hasn't always been kind to Asians, what with the 'Whites Only immigration policy up 'til the late 70's' and disgusting behaviour towards the SL cricket team. On my trip there, I got the feeling it's quite similar to SL wrt education (university entrance is competitive) and one doesn't need to be exceptional at one's area of expertise to become known for it.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Darwin said...

I'm looking forward to Rant #2!

At 9:31 PM, Blogger R said...

No. No. Haven't noticed anything except their exhausted faces. :-)

But medics usually don't get involved in the direct development of a country. I was talking about the lack women engineers..

Please refer the following link
for more information.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger SpectralCentroid said...

Move to NYC. Granted it's still mainly a white skin world, but really it's the place I've felt least like a foreigner. At least socially as opposed to professionally.


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