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Sunday, August 12, 2007

'You're IT'

..thanks to the tagging from Rhythmic, it looks like you lucky people are going to get my seven facts. Without further ado, here you go :P

1. I like to sink before I swim; I find I learn quicker when I'm put in the deep end and forced to concentrate on learning by doing! Kinesthetic is the word for people like me; we get very bored when forced to read/listen to dry material. It's a shame there's very little in the way of kinesthetic medical revision aids for the ADHD kids out there ;)

2. Whilst I'm in agreement with Rhythmic and Roshan Gunasekara over the power of the stringhopper, I have to take Child of 25's side and name my favourite SL staple as the hopper. What I wouldn't give for a crisp, bowl-shaped pancake or three with oodles of prawn curry gravy and freshly-fried onion sambol...

3. My favourite SL food (Butterfried Cuttlefish aside) is Malu Ambul Thiyal (Sour tuna curry). Proper Down South food. I like making Onigiri with it instead of sandwiches for packed lunch.

4. Growing up as a chocolate-face in rural England has made it's mark on me. I've always had to prove myself harder as an outsider as I've never arrived through the conventional route to anything. Hence, I get very cross when others capable of winning everyone over choose not to give their very best. Like Nitin Sawhney and his sub-ShyFX performance at the PROMS on Friday.

5. My favourite authors are fellow Londoners. Romesh Gunasekara, Shyama Perera, Preethi Nair, Ben Elton, Hari Kunzru and Stephen Fry. There's a fascinating dichotomy between naivety, adventure and cynicism in the way we see the world :P

6. My dream destinations are Cape Town, Barca, Seville and San Francisco. I'm definitely a sucker for good food and sights <3

7. My dream date is Hari Kunzru. I bet you knew that already ;)


At 1:19 PM, Blogger Darwin said...

Mmm I had quite a lot of hot butter cuttle fish and now reading your post makes me miss it:)


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