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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Bunch of Fives

Here's a few random ponderings; courtesy of the Rhythmic One....

My top 5 Sri Lankan foods:

Patties - with traditional coconut pastry


Prawn curry

Hot Butterfried Cuttlefish

Proper Muslim Buriyani

My top 5 current gadgets:

My Nokia - it's got Adventure Snake and Sudoku on it, in addition to a top quality camera <3

My digicam - it's the cutest :D

My hairdryer

My aerolatte


My SkyTV digibox. Terrestrial TV is rubbish before 9pm.

5 things I've learnt recently:

Only Asians in Asia have pets.

A battle which is lost now builds resolution to win the war later.

Your first instincts are very often right.

There's no point wasting time with people who don't inspire you.

Very few females are actually inspiring. Only two girls per year seem to make any kind of impression on me...