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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Twelve-point pointer..

The 'Miscellany Meme', courtesy of El Rhythmico. Feel free to link back to me whilst you post your own take on things :D

  • I've got a dark sense of humour; give me Brass Eye and Peep Show anyday.

  • I'm looking forward to Omid Djalili's BBC One series - he's got a comedic wit that inspires; think Russell Peters gone satirical.

  • My heroine is Nigella Lawson. I met her this week and am not quite sure why I was starstruck.

  • My permitted celebrity indiscretion is Tyson Beckford.

  • My permitted 'other' indiscretions are Alexander Armstrong, Hugo Rifkind, Zack Braff and David Miliband.

  • I've come to the conclusion that Cameron's reforms aren't convincing - attitudes like this towards abortion belong in the dark ages.

  • My favourite authors are Robert Harris, Isabel Allende and Hari Kunzru.

  • My favourite boymanband may well end up nominated for a soundtrack at the Oscars: check out Take That's new song here.

  • I'm quite taken by this track too - I'm sure the RnB fans amongst you will appreciate it.

  • I'm super-impressed one of the Pirates (UK hip hop producers) is a Lankan and a doctoring Lankan too!

  • I'm writing a piece on Reggae.

  • I can't wink my right eye without closing the left one.

    At 2:57 AM, Blogger Rhythmic Diaspora said...

    I agree with you about Omid Djalilli (sp??) but was a bit disappointed with him as a presenter on Have I got News for you.

    At 8:19 AM, Blogger Darwin said...

    Oooh I *LOVE* Peep Show. I think I can quote most of it by heart. In fact you've inspired me to do a post going on about the awesomeness that is Peep Show, coming soon!

    At 2:24 AM, Blogger S said...

    Darwin - I *can't* wait for your Peep Show post. I am absolutely obsessed with the show and would DIE from shock if I ever met Mark, Jez or Superhans!

    'Crunchy-nut cornflakes are frosties for wankers'.


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