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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Written exam over.... we've just got the practical to be getting on with....and the small matter of results and the rest of life!

The future at present makes me ill - opportunities seem to be given and snatched back; a £21k writing job was too good to be true; my professional writer friends with firsts in Literature don't even earn that!

So yeah, the rest of life. Well, Omid Djalili was a disappointment - he just repeated his usual terrorist/kebab shop jokes and did his annoying dance. Why, oh, why do crap comedians get so much airtime (or indeed, an entire series)? Is it cos they is black?

In the case of the aforementioned examples, I'm convinced it is. I'm sick and tired of minorities (LGBT like Alan Carr included) of representing whilst less competent than their mainstream equivalents. Positive discrimination leads to resentment on the part of those not judged on their merits, like my colleague in the aforementioned article, in addition to an exodus of talent elsewhere. The incentive to try one's best disappears when mediocrity starts to rise.


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