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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The perks of being a nice doctor are...

1)...the rest of the ward staff being happy to see you and not hiding their chocolates when you swing by....

2)...the rest of the ward staff being happy to help you with jobs whilst you're stuck.

3)...being assigned students to teach...

4)...being personally chosen by students as their main supervisor...

5)...being personally chosen by the cutest final year student in the entire hospital to be their supervisor for the month.

Yes, I think I win. Some of the female nurses were convinced he fancied me as they saw him following me around all day. Letting them know our relationship was purely supervisory and his role was to 'shadow' me truly sucked!

Photos etc available on request.

PS Have any of you been truly tempted in your 'teaching/supervisory' roles? What did you do about it? How did things pan out?

Monday, January 07, 2008


I thought I'd write you guys a little note - it's not fair to keep you waiting whilst life goes on ;)

My new year started on an excellent note - I spent NYE getting myself employed until August as a locum (temporary) F1 doctor at a friendly SE London hospital based in a far scarier hood than the genteel climes I hail from. NYD was spent at temple, before starting work on the second.

Since then it's been non-stop - I'm on a general surgery firm with once-weekly on-call commitment. Through the junior doctor's weapon of swapping, I managed to get my 'weekend' for the month over and done with - I've managed to catch myself a cold as a result, hence the time to sit and update on here :D

It'll probably (though not definitely) be the last time for the month. My co-F1 (intern) is heading off to Paris at the end of the week, before hopping over to Africa at the end of the month. Hence, I'll be working seven days as 'two people' to give her a well-deserved break as the team's repayment for doing the same 'til I arrived.

So so, what's it like doctoring? Scary, in a word as for the first week you're continually making sure you don't trip up; I'm proud of having initiated the correct management plans for two acutely ill patients and saving one of them from ICU. I've also managed to get ABG syringes to work; I now need to conquer blood cultures (I'm rubbish at 'needle and syringe' blood-taking) and cannulation (50% success rate). I like the clinical aspects and abhor the endless form-filling/result chasing - it's shocking that I've only touched five patients in a week.

Alas, agreeing to doctoring ASAP has meant that I've turned down two short commutes (twenty minutes and one hour) to two excellent work experience placements (one of which was at BBC Horizon). It's a crying shame as I'd never thought yours truly would ever fall into the top four of hundreds of applications! I keep trying to console myself that there will be other opportunities for TV joy; I just can't say when just yet as thanks to the MMC treadmill.

Work-aside, life is well. I'd prefer more free-time to enjoy the likes of CSS, Otto, Jair Olivera, Olivia, Los Campesinos and Claudio Zoli. I'd also like to get on with learning Spanish and seeing more of London's attractions. Dinner on Friday was at a Peruvian place - and delicious the fresh ceviche was too :D

My new year's resolutions are a ban on alcohol from Monday-Thursday and a reduction in non-fruit dessert consumption to Tuesdays and weekends. I lapsed for the first time today, thanks to a segment of Terry's Chocolate Orange.

How are you guys doing?