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Thursday, April 21, 2011


So you've signed up for engineering, medicine or dentistry 101 and found yourself playing 'spot the white person'. Chances are the female talent on offer is of the yellow or brown persuasion and it's up to you to decide where you are on the female version of the graph. I'd like to hazard a guess and say you're in the open eighty percent; open to dating a brown female, that is? If not, then look a way, if so, then read on...

...So brown women. Mysterious species, patronized by their families, commonly seen as 'forbidden' due to Muslim influence pervading the European perception of South Asians. Restricted in their movements, forced to live double lives answering to family honour and Western Societal expectations. Victims of honour killings, forced marriages, saviours of the depraved, workaholic doctors, secret nymphomaniacs...the list of stereotypes is endless. What is important is that you realise the downtrodden characters from 'Brick Lane' and 'Born Confused' are a thing of the past. The Modern Desi Female (MDF) is a forced to be reckoned with.

Brought up in a conservative household in a Western country, the modern desi female is an enthralling hybrid of all things conflicting. Chances are she is a highly-educated, independent woman, exposed to liberal society and espousing some of it's socialist rhetoric. It's possible that she's a capitalist, voting for lower taxes and a free market. Desis like over-achieving and if it's a tax-break and charitable write-offs that get them there, so be it. Your MDF is likely to be living alone or with friends, having flown the nest at the earliest possible opportunity. It is possible she may choose to date MDMs but given exposure to higher education, it is likely she has seen the best that every race has to offer and belongs to the 80% of womenkind who are open to dating YOU.

Keep on reading for an introduction to desis and how to attract them.....


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