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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing the Desis...

A desi is a native/diasporic-byproduct of parents from the Indian SubContinent. In Western Countries, non-Muslim desis are commonly found in the healthcare, engineering, financial and education industries.

As a desi female, I classify fellow desis into 'red sari' and 'white sari' groups, depending on the colour of sari they choose to get married in. 'White Sari' groups, such as Sinhalese, Keralans and Goans are traditionally more liberal (and open to dating outsiders) than their 'red sari' cohort. It's interesting to note they've historically mixed with foreigners far longer than their red sari-wearing contemporaries.

If the MDF of your desire is from the 'red sari' group, do not despair. Chances are, she and her family are professionals/middle-management and well-integrated into the society you both live in. They have most probably discussed dating and the like and are therefore open to the idea of their daughter finding happiness with a man who is not of desi origin.

Read on to find out how to attract desi girls...


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